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Date: 10th May 2016
GK800-2T110 Frequency Inverters
GK800 Closed-loop Vector Control Frequency InvertersGK800 Series High Performance Frequency Inverters,Website:http://www.variable-frequency-inverter.com, adopting most advanced close-loop vector control technology, are able to perform precise control on both asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. GK800 series, one of the real drives leaders, are superb in demanding applications with excellent performance no matter in speed control, torque control, position control, field weakening control, or response time, and so on.1.Distinctive advantages of ?GTAKE close-loop vector control Frequency InvertersBased on the top software and hardware elite, modern and scientific producing workmanship, rigorous quality control systems and management team, GTAKE Frequency Inverters have many advantages, some of which are listed as below:Apply to asynchronous AC motor and permanent magnet synchronous AC motor;Starting torque:180% at 0.25Hz (SVC pattern), 200% at 0Hz (VC pattern);Speed adjustable range: 1:200 (SVC pattern), 1:1000 (VC pattern);Speed accuracy: +/-0.2% (SVC pattern), +/-0.02% (VC pattern);Over load capability: 150% 1minute, 180% 10s, 200% 0.5s;Abundant frequency command sources;Diverse input and output terminals;Ambient temperature: -10?C~50?C;High precise torque constraint, process PID control, simple PLC, wobble frequency control, contracting brake control, field weakening control, all sides protection, etc.Online and offline autotune of motor parameters can both performed;Extremely short-time acceleration can be performed without any trip, such as 0.1s or 0s from 0Hz to 50Hz;No derating ambient temperature: -10-50 centigrade;Customized products and services are also welcome;Flexible command sources, parameters setting, and all sided equipment protection function automatically;The malfunction ratio is lower than 1% within warranty period, based on the statistics.2.Wiring Diagram of GK800 High Performance AC DrivesWiring diagram of GK800 VFD3.Information of Product ModelTable 2 Product model and technical dataModelPower Rating (kW)Rated Output Current (A)Rated Input current (A)Applicable motor (kW)Brake unitGK800-4T2.2B2.*18.5396018.5Built-in optionalGK800-4T22(B)*224569.322GK800-4T30(B)*30608630GK800-4T37(B)*377510437GK800-4T45(B)*459112445GK800-4T555511215055Externally mounted when neededGK800-4T757515020175GK800-4T9090176160**90GK800-4T110110210192**110GK800-4T132132253232**132GK800-4T160160310285**160GK800-4T185185350326**185GK800-4T200200380354**200GK800-4T220220430403**220GK800-4T250250470441**250GK800-4T280280520489**280GK800-4T315315590571**315GK800-4T355355650624**355GK800-4T400400725699**400** means GK800-4T110 or above is provided with an external-mounted DC reactor in shipment as default4.Technical Features of GK800 Frequency InvertersTable 3 Technical features of GK800 Frequency InvertersPower inputRated input voltage3-phase AC208V/220V/230V/240V/380V/400V/415V/440V/460V/480VRated input currentSee Section 2.3 in the User ManualFrequency50Hz/60Hz, tolerance ?5%Allowable range of voltageContinuous voltage fluctuation ?10%, short fluctuation -15%~+10%, i.e. 323V~528V;Voltage out-of-balance rate<3%, distortion rate as per the requirements of IEC61800-2Power outputApplicable motor (kW)See Section 2.3 in the User ManualRated current (A)See Section 2.3 in the User ManualOutput voltage (V)3-phase: 0~ rated input voltage, error < ?3%Output frequency (Hz)0.00~ 600.00Hz; unit: 0.01HzOverload capacity150% - 1min; 180% - 10s; 200% - 0.5sControl characteristicsV/f patternsV/f controlSensor-less vector control 1Sensor-less vector control 2Close-loop vector control (including position control)Speed range1:100 (V/f control, sensor-less vector control 1)1:200 (sensor-less vector control 2)1:1000 (close-loop vector control)Speed accuracy?0.5% (V/f control)?0.2% (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)?0.02% (close-loop vector control)Speed fluctuation?0.3% (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)?0.1% (close-loop vector control)Torque response< 10ms (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)< 5ms (close-loop vector control)Torque control accuracy?7.5% (sensor-less vector control 2)?5% (close-loop vector control)Starting torque0.5Hz: 180% (V/f control, sensor-less vector control 1)0.25Hz: 180% (sensor-less vector control 2)0Hz: 200% (close-loop vector control)Positioning accuracy?1 line pulseBasic functionsStart frequency0.00~ 600.00HzAccel/Decel time0.00~60000sCarrier frequency0.7kHz~16kHzFrequency command sourcesDigital setting + keypad ?/?Digital setting + terminal UP/DOWNCommunicationAnalog setting (AI1/AI2/AI3)Terminal pulse settingMotor started methodsStarted from starting frequencyDC brake then startedSpeed search startedMotor stopped methodsRamp to stopCoast to stopRamp to stop + DC brakeBasic functionsDynamic brake capacityBrake unit threshold voltage: 650V~750V; service time: 0.0~100.0s; brake units of GK800-4T45 and below are built in or can be built in. See table 2-1DC brake capacityDC brake start frequency: 0.00~600.00HzDC brake current: 0.0~100.0%DC brake time: 0.0~30.00sInput terminals7 digital inputs, one of which can be used for high-speed pulse input. Compatible with active open collectors NPN, PNP and dry contact input.3 analog inputs, one of which supports voltage input only, and the other two are voltage/current programmable.Output terminalsOne high-speed pulse output terminal, 0~50kHz square signal; can output command frequency, output frequency and so forthOne digital output terminalTwo relay output terminalsTwo analog output terminal, voltage/current programmable; can output command frequency, output frequency and so forthEncoder signal terminalCompatible with 5V/12V encoderCompatible with different types of encoder signal input, such as open collector, push-pull and differential, etc.Featured functionsParameter copy, parameter backup, common DC bus, free switchover between two motors? parameters, flexible parameter displayed & hidden, various master & auxiliary command and switchover, reliable speed search started, a variety of Accel/Decel curves programmable, automatic correction of analog, contracting brake control, 16-step speed control programmable (2 steps support flexible frequency command), wobble frequency control, fixed length control, count function, three faults recorded, over excitation brake, over voltage stall protection programmable, under voltage stall protection programmable, restart upon power loss, skip frequency, frequency binding, four kinds of Accel/Decel time, motor thermal protection, flexible fan control, process PID control, simple PLC, multi-functional key programmable, droop control, asynchronous and synchronous motor parameter identification, field-weakening control, high-precision torque control, V/f separated control, torque control at sensor-less vector control, torque control at close-loop vector control, two encoder signal inputs (support incremental, UVW hybrid and resolver, etc.), flexible deceleration ratio control, zero servo, motor spindle orientation, simple feed forward control, pulse train position controlProtection functionRefer to Chapter 7 - TroubleshootingEnvironmentPlace of operationIndoors, no direct sunlight, free from dust, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor, water drop and salt, etc.Altitude0~2000mDe-rate 1% for every 100m when the altitude is above 1000 metersAmbient temperature-10?~50?Relative humidity0~95%, no condensationVibrationLess than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)Storage temperature-40?~+70?OthersEfficiency at rated Amps7.5kW and below: ?93%11~ 45kW: ?95% ? ? ?55kW and above: ?98%InstallationWall-mountedIP gradeIP20Cooling methodFan cooled5.Environment requirement:?Conditions: Indoors, free from direct sunlight, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor, metal particles, etc.?Altitude: 0~2,000m. Derating is required above 1,000m, Rated output current should be derated 1% per 100m increase above 1000m.?Ambient temperature: -10?C~50?C.Derating 1% per centigrade additional for temperature >50?C?Vibration: Less than 5.9 m/s? (0.6g)?Storage temperature: -40~70?C?Protection grade: IP20?Type of cooling: Air cooling6.Applications:Fan, oil pump, water pump, compressor, air compressor, injection molding machine, engraving machine, textile, packaging, conveyor, treadmill, printing machine, lathe, machine tool, hydraulic machine, wire drawing, winder/un-winder, knitting Machine, compressor, extruding machine, injection machine, AC motor, braiding machine, pressure fan, forced draught blower, blower, blowing machine, blow molding machine, root's blower, film blowing machine, cutter bar, cut-off machine, slitter, Cutting machine, grinder, cluster, glazing machine, polisher, polishing machine, laundry-drier, drying machine, ball crusher, ball grinding mill, drawing machine.7.Key wordsFrequency inverters, AC Drives, variable frequency drives (VFD), AC motor drives, frequency converters, frequency changers, adjustable speed drives (ASD), adjustable frequency drives (AFD), variable speed drives (VSD), AC motor speed controller, AC variable frequency drive, variable frequency inverter, AC motor speed controller, EMI filter, Input EMI Filters, Output EMI Filters, AC Choke, AC Reactor, Input AC Choke, Output AC Choke, Input AC Reactor, Output AC Reactor, DC Choke, DC Reactor, Input DC Choke, Output DC Reactor, Input DC Reactor, Servo Drive, Servo Motor & Drive, Servo Motor & Drive System
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